Automated Solution for Autonomous Pizza Restaurants (Smart Resto)

Smart Resto is an autonomous pizza restaurant concept without any human assistance in the kitchen. It is a revolutionary system already initiated internationally allowing you to innovate in your business while earning more income even in pandemic situations.

Products Details

Production capacity

150 pcs/h

Pizza size

6 – 15 inches

Thickness range

2 – 15 mm

Baking time

3 mins

Baking temperature

350 – 400 °C

Equipment assembly size

3000 mm*2000 mm*2000 mm

The process of cooking pizzas is very fast, the timing is perfectly controlled, and the quality is ensured because the robots are perfectly programmed. The control system is managed by a technician who is in charge of starting and stopping the program and intervenes in case of problems.Smart Resto is divided into two parts: an internal part where the vegetable dispensers and meat slicers are located and an external part where there is the dough forming station and 3 chef robots performing the operations of dosing, conveying, dividing, and packaging pizza. Vegetable and Ingredient Dispensers The vegetable and ingredient dispensers are perfectly designed to top your pizzas regardless of size and shape. We can customize them according to your style of pizza cooking with minimum waste of vegetables and ingredients. Meat Slicers Meat slicers operate efficiently, slicing and depositing meat slices evenly on the pizza. They take into account the different sizes and shapes of pizzas due to its automatic adjustment system, thus avoiding waste of meat.Smart Resto is intended for restaurants that want to be emerging and futuristic, giving a pleasant moment to the customers to watch the robots. Customers place their order by scanning a QR code on the reception screens and pay the bill once their pizzas are ready. The pizzas are either picked up in a package from one of the outlets or served in a dish for onsite eating. The payment methods are fully customizable according to your business and location. Smart Resto is an efficient and reliable system that is maintained and inspected daily by a technician. We offer free training to your technician for the control and maintenance of the equipment. We also help you with the installation and implementation of the equipment in your restaurant.

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