Outdoor Charcoal Grill S-GM-04

With the S-GM-04 charcoal grill with a smoker, you can cook great meals for your family. A small design and flexible appliance may easily fit on most gardens, balconies, and decks. 

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Cooking Height

Main Chamber Diameter

Side Smoker Diameter

Main cooking area

Side Burner Cooking Area

Wood Shelf Area

Grill size

1120 mm*635 mm* 1136 mm

752 mm

305 mm

305 mm

620 mm*300 mm

300 mm*300 mm

620 mm*216 mm

620 mm*638 mm*752 mm


13.2 Kg

It is long-lasting and simple to change the cooking temperature. For improved heating, the cooking chamber has an adjustable charcoal pan. The most attractive aspect is the combination side burner, which provides an additional cooking area. Not only is it useful for cooking with a smoky taste, but it also allows for roasting a side dish like corn or veggies for the family.• Superior Materials: The S-GM-04 premium BBQ grill is primarily constructed of rust-resistant black coated steel. In addition, the black glass fiber stain-resistant BBQ mat is composed of an eco-friendly composite material. It has passed extensive testing and fulfills food safety regulations, making it healthful and safe for use on the grill. • Convenient Design: The top lid of the S-GM-04 small charcoal grill is equipped with a thermometer that allows you to easily read the temperature. The use of wooden handles efficiently protects you from getting burned. The front wood shelf is used for storing grilling implements or seasonings and is easily accessible. Aside from that, two rolling wheels are fitted at the bottom to allow the grill to move freely. There is a bottom shelf that offers additional storage space for you.• Compact Barbecue Space: The S-GM-04 charcoal barbecue has a bottom storage basket and a side shelf with hooks for storing supplies, condiments, and utensils. Furthermore, with enough grill area to cook for all of your family and friends, the BBQ grill will be the highlight of your next backyard barbeque or gathering. • Quick heating and cooking: The seamless connection between the side burner and the main chamber aids in heating up rapidly and maintaining warming. The smokestack adds to the airflow. Furthermore, the high temperature in the charcoal grill allows steak, poultry, and seafood to cook fast, allowing you to enjoy the delicious cuisine and barbeque fun with family and friends. • Grill Using Nonstick Mats for Less Smoke: Smoke may be efficiently reduced by the connected steel firebox. The side vent is intended for adding more coals and smoothing airflow. Our versatile grill mats are nonstick and easy to clean. They may be cleaned with warm, soapy water. Furthermore, because the cooking grates are nonstick, it assures food quality.

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